Name              Lina Henriksen, born Copenhagen 1963

Education        MA in Computational Linguistics, BA in English and German, CBS, 1992                

Position           Senior consultant



From 1992 employed at Center for Sprogteknologi. Has participated in and been a project leader of various projects. Main interests are in the fields of terminology, ontologies in information systems, corpus linguistics, controlled languages and tone of voice.

Selected projects (2004 – 2010)

Participated in the IATE project. The main purpose of this project was development of an interinstitutional term database for all the EU institutions. I was anchorwoman for specifications of the data structure of the new database, of import routines for existing term data and for specifications of rules for automatic identification of comparable data.

Participated in the VID project funded by the Danish Research Counsels and aiming at exploring the possibilities that language technology offers within information retrieval and document handling in relation to controlled languages.

Participated in the MOSES project (MOdular and Scalable Environment for the Semantic WEB), an EU-funded research project. The goal was to develop a question-answering system within the university domain and included development of a methodology for semantic annotation of data on the internet.

Participated in the EuroTermBank project concerning identification of standards and ‘best practice’ within terminology work. The project resulted in an on-line term database primarily containing terminology of the new EU countries.

Currently working on the ESICT project (Experience oriented Sharing of health knowledge via Information and Communication Technology). The ESICT project aims at providing citizens with an innovative information system on health and disease based on information technology, language technology and formalized medical knowledge. The ESICT system allows users to ask questions in natural language which will be answered the same way.

Publications (2004-2008)

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