LS-GRAM:  Large-Scale Grammars for EC Languages

LS-GRAM began 1 January 1994 with the participation of groups in Spain, England and Germany, who thereby collectively make up "LS-GRAM core" group.

The "Extended LS-GRAM" project (LS-GRAM+) began 1 December 1994 with Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, Holland/Belgium and Denmark. The goal for each group is the same, the creation of grammars, lexica and related software for analysis of the respective natural languages using ALEP (more info on ALEP available at its NL Software Registry entry ).

The coverage of the grammars and lexica was determined by a corpus analysis of mechanical patent texts. The implementation consists of

  • several thousand lexical entries

  • word construct spotting during text handling (dates, patent specifications, codes, numbers, etc.)

  • full morphological analysis for Danish via lexical entries and TLM rules

  • syntactic analysis of main and subclauses, verbal complements including complement finite and non-finite subclauses, passive constructions, determination, pre- and post-modification, det/der constructions, i.a.

  • PAS

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