MECKA: Methodologies for Constructing Knowledge Bases for Natural Language Processing Systems

MECKA began on October 1st 1992 and terminated on September 1994. In the project participated HCRC LTG, Great Britain, SRI International, Californien and CST, Denmark (project manager).

The primary objective of the project was to investigate systematically the
task of knowledge engineering for natural language processing, focusing on the inquiry about which information is necessary, how it can be selected and what is the relation and interdependency between linguistic and extralinguistic knowledge more than on the study of knowledge representation formalisms.
The methodology should be generally applicable, i.e. it should not be idiosyncratic to particular systems and/or applications and should, to the extent it is possible, make (re-)use of existing resources. At the beginning of the project, we decided to concentrate on methodologies for constructing knowledge bases for natural language understanding systems because they require the most deep and complex types of knowledge. With small modifications the proposed methodologies can be applied for constructing knowledge bases for other natural language processing systems such as information retrieval and machine translation systems.


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