On this page you may find companies and organisations which look for partners for a EU-projects. In case you are interested please contact the company or organisation yourself.


BTL Profile

Bradford Technology Ltd is an independent developer and publisher of

educational and retail multimedia. As the CD-ROM co-publisher for several

leading series, BTL is now looking to migrate the content to server-based

platforms for internet delivery.


BTL has developed The Learning Shop (www.learningshop.co.uk) - an online

resource of educational media for high schools, and is now seeking partners

to assist in

· Broadening the content, and the market (Learning Shop is currently quite


· Extending the content to include multimedia objects of varying types

· Extending the server architecture and infrastructure to allow future

development of content-based services


Framework V offers several opportunities for this type of near-market

partnership but we are interested in other part-funded and non-funded

collaborative projects as well.


I suggest the following key words


Online Educational Resources, Multimedia Internet Server, Educational

Multimedia etc.



Virtual College Profile

Virtual College delivers technology-based solutions for open and distance

learning in vocational markets. Working currently with the Engineering and

Manufacturing Sector, Virtual College has been identified as a leading

supplier of multimedia open and distance learning materials and

infrastructure. Virtual College works in partnership with traditional

training providers, training bodies, and companies to ensure that training

is suited to the needs of the employer and employee in the context of

Lifelong Learning.


Virtual College is looking to participate in projects in two distinct areas.


1. Content Development. Either in the Manufacturing and Engineering

Sectors, or in other areas. Of particular interest are hybrid and

online-only solutions, and issues relating to

transnationalisation/localisation of content (a problem in vocational


2. Open Learning Platform Development. Virtual College operates a

successful open learning platform and is interested in further developing

this to include new features, and to increase standardisation. Of

particular interest are practical measures for integration of standalone

multimedia content (on CD-ROM or internet) into Open Learning Systems.


ODL, Open Learning, Online Training, Vocational Training, Multimedia

Educational Software.


Black Marble Ltd Profile


Black Marble is a small software developer with a range of publishing and

contract development activities. Current projects include multimedia

learning materials for internet and CD-ROM, component parts of multimedia

systems, and client-server solutions for internet delivery of learning

materials. Black Marble is an experienced developer using Java

technologies - presentations at the international Java Conference this year

are: "Java Technology Process Migration, Worst Case Analysis of Java for

Real Time Programming"


Black Marble is interested is the following specific types of project:


1. Development of advanced software to support learning activities, either

for client-server applications or for standalone use (e.g. on CD-ROM). Of

particular areas of interest are learning tools for software developers,

tools to assist people learning programming/advanced IT for the first time

(including children).

2. Development of Java-based services for online delivery/support of

multimedia content.


I suggest the following keywords


JAVA, multimedia, Educational Multimedia and technical software for






John Winkley


Angel Way



Tel 01274 841347

Fax 01274 841348

Email johnw@bradtech.co.uk



Profile of the company:

@inform Multilingual Web Services is a new company (set up in September

1998) dealing with multilingual websites: it advises businesses on the need

for multilingual platforms, creates new multilingual websites, translates

already existing sites. It tackles the problem of multilingual updates in a

smart computing way. The Managing Director is a linguist AND a computer


@inform would be interested in working with other companies or university

departments to build more automatic ways of dealing with multilingual web

platforms. In particular, @inform would be interested in participating as a

partner in the present MLIS call for proposals.

Information should be addressed to Ilona Morison.

Ilona Morison

Managing Director

@inform Multilingual Web Services


T: +44 131 225 6568

F: +44 131 225 6971


Scottish Enterprise, 120 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2 7JP

Tel: +44 (0)141 228 2423. Fax: +44 (0)141 228 2882

e-mail: lorna.cullen@midas-net.org.uk

MIDAS-NET Scotland/Northern Ireland