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A Nordic Network for  
MUltiModal INterfaces

The aim of the Nordic Network for MultiModal Interfaces (MUMIN) was to stimulate Nordic research in the area of multimodal interfaces, and increase its visibility in the international research community. MUMIN has done so by: 
  • encouraging joint activities in building generic models and architectures as well as defining standards for the integration and development of multimodal interaction;
  • encouraging investigations on the use of multimodality in various applications;
  • providing a forum for sharing resources and results;
  • organising PhD courses and workshops on issues related to multimodal interaction;
  • creating a network of contacts and a pool of shared knowledge that can be taken advantage of for the definition of collaborative research projects and for product development.
MUMIN was funded by the language technology programme under NorFA, now NordForsk. MUMIN has formally stopped its activities (the funding has come to an end). For recent related activities, see the NOMCO project and the Multimodal Corpora workshops site.
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