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What is EAGLES-II ?

During EAGLES-l(1993-1995), the Evaluation group proposed an ISO-based methodology for designing evaluations which took into account user needs. The theoretical work was accompanied by practical work on the evaluation of specific classes of language engineering products, both within EAGLES and through an associated LRE project, TEMAA. EAGLES-II(1997-1998) aims at consolidating, extending and disseminating that work by holding two short but intensive workshops and setting up a web-based discussion forum and information sharing service.


The first EAGLES-II Workshop, "Evaluation in Natural Language Engineering: Standards and Sharing" was held on 26th & 27th November, 1997 in Brussels. A detailed report on the workshop is now available.

The second workshop:

"EAGLES and Current Evaluation Practices"
took place on 8th/9th September 1998

For those of you who were unable to attend the workshop in person but would like to contribute with your views and experiences, here is an annotated version of the final programme with links to some of the input that the various participants presented. This is not a report on the workshop itself - this will be made available at a later date.

Discussion Forum

The EAGLES Evaluation Discussion List is now also accessible from this page. If you would like to subscribe to this list please email us at

Information Sharing Service

  • Reference Material contains an evaluation bibliography, in the future it is also planned to have papers on evaluation and draft papers for discussion.
  • Resources will contain evaluation results as well as evaluation resources such as test suites or links to such resources.
  • Related sites contains links to other sites of interest in evaluation.
  • Other evaluation-related events contains information on non-EAGLES workshops, conferences etc, which have been advertised elsewhere on the net.
  • FAQ will contain frequently asked questions arising from the discussion forum.
These pages will be periodically updated - so if you have ideas or materials to contribute to them please email us

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