What is TEMAA?

The EU-sponsored project on evaluation TEMAA has developed a framework for the evaluation of LE products based on a decompositional analysis of the system's features and of the requirements posed by the setup in which the system is to be used.

The framework has been formalised and implemented as a Parameterisable Testbed (PTB), i.e. a workbench whose function is to guide an evaluator in designing and carrying out specific evaluation tasks tailored to the requirements of different user types.

A detailed methodology has been worked out for the evaluation of spelling and grammar checkers, and applied to the concrete evaluation of Danish and Italian spelling checkers.

More detailed information can be obtained by looking at the following TEMAA reports, which will soon be available from this page:

Links to related projects

TEMAA has had a close collaboration with two related projects on NLP evaluation methodologies:

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