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What is MLIS ?

The MLIS-programme (MultiLingual Information Society) is an EU programme which has a duration of three years, 1996-1999. The aim of the programme is to stimulate the use of multilingual facilities by

  • raising awareness of and stimulating provision of multilingual services in the Community, utilizing language technologies, resources and standards;
  • creating favorable conditions for the development of the language industries;
  • reducing the cost of information transfer among languages, in particular for SMEs;
  • contributing to the promotion of the linguistic diversity of the Community.

The MLIS-programme is promoted in all countries of the Community. In Denmark, Center for Sprogteknologi is in charge of all information about MLIS and is a participant of the Danish MIDAS-NET


How to get help ?

Center for Sprogteknologi has established a help desk which can provide the following:


Further information:
Lise Damsgaard Jørgensen
Phone: +45 35 32 90 79 (8.30- 14.30)
Fax: +45 35 32 90 89


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Emil Holms Kanal 2, building 22, 3, DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tlf: +45 35329090 - Fax: +45 35329089
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