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I'm a senior researcher at the Centre for Language Technology in Copenhagen.

Areas of interest: grammar formalisms, treatment of ambiguity in language analysis, machine translation, information structure, evaluation of NLP systems, grammar checking, multimodality. For more details, you can click on my CV.

Recent publications

See here.


Verbal and bodily communication (Verbal og kropslig kommunikation).

Information structure in the Danish language

MUMIN (Multimodal Communication and Multimodal Interfaces)

MOSES (Modular and Scalable Environment for the Semantic WEB)


Staging of Virtual 3D Spaces

SCARRIE (Grammar and spelling checking for the Scandinavian languages)

TEMAA (A Testbed Study of Evaluation Methodologies: Authoring Aids)

Information structure in Machine Translation (PhD project)


Cognitive Science 2 (with Costanza Navarretta).

Supervision of Master's theses.

See also my lecturing portfolio at the University of Malta here.

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